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Blow your mind and your visitors’ as well with this pack called optical illusions. It contains designed that will trick your eyes and brain while also transforming any space. You can use the optical illusions as interior decor by crafting them into wall hangings. When used in this form, they will add uniqueness as well as sophistication that is indescribable. After all, the designs are meant to confuse your mind to some extent.

Maker Union offers 7 distinct designs all of which are cut ready and downloadable as free DXF files. Download your preferred design today and create a ‘trippy’ interior decoration for your house, office, or hotel. Alternatively, you can use the designs for commercial purposes.

The Maker Union License

The Maker Union License allows you to make.

You are allowed to use these designs to fabricate objects for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share these files in any way, whether via a website, service, or personal distribution.

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1 review for Optical Illusions

  1. adrianmillsmarin

    I was testing the designs out since they looked interesting and they came out perfect on RDworks. Very well made.

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