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This pack entitled retro computers recapitulates technological inventions that were in vogue a few years back. It features CNC-ready silhouettes and designs depicting the floppy disk, the Apple Macintosh, a desktop computer, earlier designs of the computer mouse, and more.

Take a trip down memory lane whenever you enter your office, studio, living room, or study room by downloading one or several of these accurately designed images, available for download as free DXF files. You can use them to create beautiful, retro wall hangings and wallpapers, adding unique, nostalgic accents to the rooms. What’s more, being cut-ready, you can use the designs to model life-size retro computers and accessories.

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The Maker Union License allows you to make.

You are allowed to use these designs to fabricate objects for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share these files in any way, whether via a website, service, or personal distribution.

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