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If you’ve been looking for elegant flourishes you could add to your CNC projects, look no further. Our theme for this week at Maker Union is vintage framing and we have free, downloadable files up for grabs.

These seven classic frame looks cover most of the more popular vintage frame styles such as Gothic, Art Noveau, and even a little bit of Art Deco thrown in the mix. Even if you don’t know what some of those terms might mean, there’s not denying that the free DXF files this week are elegant and stylish – perfect for classing up some CNC pieces.

Keep in mind, we release a set of free DXF designs every week, so be sure to keep checking back.

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You are allowed to use these designs to fabricate objects for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share these files in any way, whether via a website, service, or personal distribution.

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