The Maker Union License

Maker Union helps the world’s community of Makers by offering premium, exclusive and custom-made files for CNC and other fabrication purposes.

Our license is designed to enable makers to make!

In short, the license allows you to create physical objects with our files for commercial or non-commercial use. The license strictly prohibits sharing our digital files.

What you can do:

  • You can download Maker Union files and create physical objects with them.
  • You can sell the physical objects you created using Maker Union files.

What you can’t do:

  • You cannot share Maker Union files with friends, colleagues or anyone else.
  • You cannot share, host or upload Maker Union files to any website or service.
  • You cannot sell our Maker Union files in any way.
  • You cannot share your Maker Union account with other people. One account is required for each person.
  • You cannot avert the licensing rules by editing or creating derivations of the files for sale or sharing. Any variation of the digital files continues to be the copyright of Maker Union.

Offering thousands of free custom-designed files for the world of makers is a big undertaking for the Maker Union team. We hope the community can support this service by respecting the license.